Gym Introduction

Gym IntroductionThis Gym Introduction is a 1 hour session in our training area for those unfamiliar with gym equipment and training.

This course will benefit you if:

  • You are interested in general health and fitness but have no experience of training.
  • If you already participate in sport or other exercise, but have never used gym equipment.

You will be taken through a variety of different exercises to become familiar with all of our gym equipment. You will also gain enough knowledge to train safely and effectively whatever your goals.

This is not designed to be a particularly strenuous session, (we can make it so if you wish!). The emphasis will be on correct form for the exercises, rather than pushing your limits!.

If you are interested in continuing with regular training, we can arrange an ongoing programme to help you meet your goals. Please speak to your instructor during the session.

You should wear appropriate clothing in order to fully benefit from this course.


COST = £10

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