Physical Training & Climbing Coaching

Physical Training and Climbing coaching is all about using the expertise of our instructors to help you improve.

physical training

Whether you’re looking to just use climbing to get fit or want to improve your climbing skills this course will be for you. If you need to gain strength, power or endurance to reach your goal, we can help.

This course is suitable for beginners as well as more the experienced as we can cover anything. From teaching the basics of physical training and climbing movement to how to train specifically for your goals and more advanced training techniques.

The course is tailored to your needs so while we can run it as a single session, it works best when a series of regular sessions are booked. This will enable us to assess your strengths and weaknesses and design a training programme to help you achieve your target.

This course is suitable for individuals and small groups.

Duration = 90mins*

Cost = £15.00*

For a single session, BOOK ONLINE or Contact us to discuss your requirements.

*If a series of sessions is booked as part of a training programme, the session time and costs may vary depending on your needs.