Bespoke Gift Vouchers

Our Gift Vouchers are a great alternative present for someone active or someone keen to try something different.

We can make out a gift voucher for ANYTHING that we offer at Cragfit! An instructed course, A monthly pass or a specific number of sessions. You can even have a voucher to purchase goods in our shop!

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Monthly Pass

*Please note the following terms & conditions for using our vouchers:
  • Vouchers usually remain valid for 12months and can be redeemed up to and including the expiry date. If you would like a longer valid term, please ask when you make your enquiry.
  • The unlimited climbing with our monthly passes will start on the day the voucher is redeemed.
  • When purchasing a voucher for an instructed session, please note that the recipient must contact us to book a date and time for the course IN ADVANCE.
  • When you purchase a voucher for someone else, you will need to provide their name. If that person then wishes to pass it on to someone else, they must get in touch with us and provide the name of the new person. This helps us to ensure that the right person redeems the voucher.
  • Vouchers for a monetary value can be redeemed for any purchase of goods or services offered at Cragfit but cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Where the value of a ‘money voucher’ in not redeemed in full, the remaining value will be recorded so that the voucher can be re-used.