Centre Terms & Conditions

The Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC) and the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) issue guidance to those wishing to participate in climbing and related activities, both at indoor facilities and outdoors. At Cragfit we expect our staff and customers to take heed of this guidance and conduct themselves appropriately when at our premises. The Centre Terms & Conditions set out below provide more specific details relating to the Cragfit Climbing Centre.

Risks – “The British Mountaineering Council recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.”

Although the climbing centre is an artificial environment the risks involved are no less serious than when climbing outside on a crag or mountain.  There is an additional risk that bolt-on holds can spin or break.

The soft flooring under the bouldering walls is designed to provide a more comfortable landing for climbers falling or jumping from the bouldering wall.  THE SOFT FLOORING DOES NOT MAKE THE CLIMBING ANY SAFER.  Broken and sprained limbs are common on this type of climbing wall despite the soft landing.  Uncontrolled falls are likely to result in injuries to yourself or others.

Climbing beyond your capabilities on any wall is likely to result in a fall.  Any fall may result in an injury despite the safety systems in place to avoid it.  You must make your own assessment of the risks whenever you climb.

Our Duty of Care – The rules of the climbing centre set out below are not intended to limit your enjoyment of the facilities.  They are part of the duty of care that we, as operators, owe to you, the customer, by law.  As such they are not negotiable and if you are not prepared to abide by them then the staff must politely ask you to leave.

Your Duty of Care – You also have a duty of care to act responsibly towards the other users of the centre.  Statements of ‘Good Practice’ are posted around the centre adjacent to the relevant facilities.  These describe the accepted methods of use and how customers would normally be expected to behave towards each other.

Unsupervised Climbing – Before you climb without supervision, the centre expects you to be either a competent boulderer or have completed one of our introductory courses.  You are required to register to accept that you know how to use the centre, that you are prepared to abide by the Rules below and that you understand the risks involved in your participation.

Children – All children within the centre must be supervised by a registered adult, unless they have been assessed by the management and registered for unsupervised climbing.

An adult who has registered at the centre may supervise up to two novice climbers as long as they are prepared to take full responsibility for the safety of those people.  Groups of three or more novices must only be supervised by an instructor holding the relevant Mountain Leader Training qualification.

Standard rules


  • Report to reception on each visit before you climb
  • You must exercise care, common sense and self preservation at all times
  • Report any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers’ behaviour to a member of staff immediately.
  • Be aware of the other climbers around you and how your actions will affect them.
  • Do not distract people while they are climbing.
  • Stand well back from the climbing walls unless you are spotting a climber.  Never stand directly under someone who is climbing.
  • Always climb within your capabilities and it is recommended that you descend from the bouldering wall by down climbing rather than jumping down. Climbing over the top of the wall is not permitted.
  • Do not wear any item of equipment that may increase the risk of injury when landing.
  • Never climb directly above or below another climber.


  • No smoking on the premises.
  • Those deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to climb
  • Access into the interior wall areas, cordoned off areas or private/staff only/no admittance areas is strictly prohibited.
  • No running in the centre.
  • Do not block fire exits, aisles or stair ways.
  • Staff are here to help your safety and have a duty of care to make comment of unsafe practice.  Anyone who does not adhere to up to date safe practices even after comment will have their registration revoked.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to customers for reasons of safety or inappropriate behaviour.
  • If you require assistance, please ask member of staff; please be aware that if that member of staff is in charge of a group you may have to wait for assistance until their clients are safely at ground level.
  • For persons aged 18 years or under, a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM MUST BE SIGNED before any climbing can take place.  This is without exception.  Any queries immediately refer to Cragfit management.
  • Cragfit accepts no responsibility of liability for any loss or damage to any person’s property in relation to the usage of the centre and the surrounding parking areas.
  • Personal property being used or left at Cragfit is entirely at customer’s own risk.
  • It is possible for climbing holds to move and become loose or ‘spin’. If you identify such a ‘spinner’ please inform a member of staff immediately. It is our policy to remedy spinning holds as soon as possible to minimise the risk to wall users.
  • No throwing of chalk or marking any walls or flooring.
  • No food or drink on the climbing floor area as marked by the crash mats.
  • If a member of Cragfit staff approaches you to offer advice on best practice or to show you a skill, this skill applies only to the situation at the time of teaching, it may not apply to other climbing situations either indoor or outdoor and you should seek professional instruction for all your future climbing situations.
  • When participating in a competition hosted by Cragfit, all competitors and spectators will be required to abide by all rules and restrictions specific to that day, in addition to all Terms and Conditions shown here.
  • Outdoor courses may be subject to additional conditions – please refer to the relevant course page for more details.



  • From time to time we may take photographs or video of climbing at the centre for use on this website or for marketing purposes.We will aim to obtain permission from parents, in the case of children, or the climber whenever possible at the time the recording is made, although during busy periods, please be aware that this may not always be possible.
  • It is our policy never to divulge the names or any other information about the climbers in these media, however, if you see yourself, your child or any other person you feel would not want to feature, please contact us as soon as possible and we will remove the media and delete it.