Inter-Schools Climbing Competition 2018

The Schools Competition will be open to all Key Stage 2 pupils and will be suitable for all abilities.

How to get started:
Get your School to form a team
Nominate a Point of Contact (teacher or parent)
Contact us to arrange an initial training session – This will introduce the children to climbing and explain the format of the competition.
Arrange further training sessions as appropriate.
Hold a trial to select your team for competition

As this will be the inaugural event, there will be no initial limit on team sizes but we may have to introduce a maximum number depending on total uptake/interest

Training times can be arranged to suit each team, whether during the school day or after schools hours – get in touch with us to arrange a suitable day and time.

Cost of training sessions = £6.00 per pupil

Cost of competition entry = £6.00 per pupil

Please note the following :

  • Schools must register a team by the end of term in December 2017
  • Initial training sessions arranged for January 2018
  • Additional training sessions arranged as required in February, March
  • Team Trials held around the beginning March
  • Competition to take place towards the end of the Spring Term.