Inter-Schools Climbing Competition 2019

Following the success of our 2018 event, There will be a Primary Schools Competition AND a Secondary Schools Competition in 2019!!

How to get started:
Get your School to form a team
Nominate a Point of Contact (teacher or parent)
Contact us to arrange an initial training session – This will introduce the children to climbing and explain the format of the competition.
Arrange further training sessions as appropriate.
Hold a trial to select your team for competition



There are individual age categories and a school team competition.

There will be no initial limit on team sizes but a minimum of 4 pupils from a school will be needed to compete in the team competition. We may have to introduce a maximum number depending on total uptake/interest

Training times can be arranged to suit each team, whether during the school day or after schools hours – get in touch with us to arrange a suitable day and time.

Cost of training sessions = £6.00 per pupil

Cost of competition entry = £6.00 per pupil

Please note the following example of an effective timeline:

  • Schools must register a team by the end of term in December 2017
  • Initial training sessions arranged for January 2018
  • Additional training sessions arranged as required in February, March
  • Team Trials held around the beginning March
  • Competition to take place towards the end of the Spring Term.


Qualifying consists of 10 CLIMBS and competitors will be scored on how many attempts it takes them to complete each climb.

10POINTS will be awarded for completing a climb at the first attempt (so the maximum score achievable is 100POINTS)

7 POINTS for completing the climb second go.

4 POINTS for completing the climb third try

1POINT if it takes 4 or more attempts.


The starting HAND HOLDS for all climbs will be marked and the route to the top will follow the SAME COLOUR for both hands and feet. The finishing hold will also be marked and competitors must touch this hold with BOTH HANDS to complete the climb.

An attempt will be deemed to have started once the climber is no longer touching the mat.

Competitors are free to ask a judge for advice before and during the climb if they are not sure of anything.

Once a climber has had 4 unsuccessful attempts at a climb, they will be advised to move on to a different climb and return to it later to ensure that they attempt all 10 and to minimise delays.

There is no requirement for a climber to keep trying the same climb. For example, after 1 unsuccessful attempt they can move on a different climb if they choose and come back for another go later.

Each competitor will be given a score sheet and all attempts and scores will be recorded on it, to be handed in at the end of qualifying. IF A SHEET IS LOST THEN IT CAN’T BE SCORED.

The 3 top scoring climbers in each category will qualify for the final.


The 4 highest scoring climbers from each school will be added together to obtain the school’s team score. Therefore, to qualify for the team trophy, your school must have a minimum of 4 competitors across all year groups.

The highest team score wins.